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Photographs for advertising and corporate communications send a message. Cheap visuals and stock photography send a less than perfect message. That’s not the message you want to be sending to consumers, customers, potential investors, or your workforce.


As a small business owner, creative or business professional, your images need to not only capture you but also the story or brand you represent. My branding sessions are customized by the individual’s goals, personality and work. I’ll start out with a phone consultation to learn more about your brand and the message you want to send with your photos.

At the end of your session, you will receive all images and will have the opportunity to purchase touchups to images at any time.

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The captured images of the events you sponsor or attend should give the visual impression that it was a valuable experience. That important information was shared and connections established. Photos that look like they were quickly shot with little thought on a smartphone create a visual impression of things done on the fly, of the “same old, same old.”

As a professional photographer, I can create imagery that communicates vitality and excitement. Whether the photos will be used to promote future events or to report on an important experience, you want to send the message that what happened was significant.

Rate: $200/hr

All images delivered within 48 hours.

Touchups available.

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Still photography is more than just taking a quick snapshot of your operations or product. In fact, without a human element in photos, making these kinds of shots appealing and attention-grabbing — pictures of inanimate objects that are the physical facts of your business — requires a high level of technical skill.

If your goal is to get potential customers or investors interested in your business or to entice top-flight employees to your operations, then sending the right visual cues is vital. You’ll want anything you share externally — and even internal communications with your workforce — to create an image of professionalism, modernity, and an attention to detail.

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