Business Headshots

Should I wear makeup for my headshot session?

Women will definitely want to wear some makeup, but keep it subtle and natural. It’s best to use a professional makeup artist if you can. I have a couple of great MUA on my roster, so please do inquire about their hair and makeup services. Light powder, applied by a professional, is usually good for men. My makeup artists can stay with us the whole session to make any necessary fixes to your hair and makeup. Ask about pricing.

What do you mean by a 'look'

A look is generally defined by a wardrobe change; however, sometimes it can also mean a change to hair style or, for men, clean shaven vs bearded. Some photographers also count adding or taking away accessories, such as a jacket or tie, as a look. I do not count these as looks. For my packages, a look is a change to the hair and/or primary wardrobe (not including accessories).

Do you offer corporate or group discounts?

Yes. Please refer to my group rates for businesses.

The Business Of Acting

How do I find an agent to represent me?

This market has a number of reputable agents. If you are serious about acting at a national level, you’ll want to find a legit agent who is accredited by SAG/AFTRA, which is the professional union for actors. These agents represent union and non-union talent, but they have access to all the national acting databases that some other agents who are not accredited do not have access to. If you are just getting started, there’s some great local talent agencies who can help you get your feet wet. Once I work with you and get a feel for your type, experience and talent, I’m happy to help you find representation. Never ever pay for representation in advance. There are a lot of scams and fly-by-night talent searches that come to our region, especially targeting child actors. I have seen parents spend thousands of dollars on Nickelodeon or Disney casting. These are not real. They are very, very convincing though. You should never pay an agent until they’ve booked work for you. And only then, you pay a 10-20% commission based on their rates. Anything else is a red flag. I have worked with talent from the following agencies: Apex Talent Group (LA), BMG Talent (Atlanta), BMG Talent (NYC), Brilliant Talent Management (LA), Center Stage Management (NYC), Evolution Talent Agency (Atlanta), Harris Talent (VA), Hutson Talent Agency (VA), Liquid Talent (VA), JTA, Inc. Talent Agency (NC), Manikin Talent (International), Modelogic (VA), Red Willow Talent (Savannah), Screen Artists Talent (NC), Stevenson Modeling AgencyStudio Center (VA), The Brock Agency, 49th Parallel Bookings & Mgmt (DC).

What is a slate shot and why do I need one?

A slate shot is critical for serious actors. Think of a slate shot as a live headshot. It’s a five second video of you introducing yourself to casting directors. It allows casting directors to see what you look like and hear what you sound like on film. Did you know that actors who have a slate shot on their Actor’s Access account show up before those who don’t when submitting for role(s)?

What is Actor’s Access?

Actor’s Access is one of the more popular online databases for finding and submitting for work. Since the audition process has moved online, this is where you will be submitted for different roles and opportunities. Your agent will require you to be registred on Actor’s Access (Free). You can also sign up for a premium membership on Actor’s Access if you would like to self-submit for roles.

Shooting With Jeremy

Why should we use you for headshot services?

Every photographer has a niche. Whether you need business headshots or acting headshots, my specialty in photography is with headshots and facial expression coaching. I spend the time and engage each client individually to meet your needs, so we can capture a killer new set of headshots. While I’m comfortable doing other types of photography, please don’t ask me to shoot your wedding. 🙂

For actors, I am and have been an actor for over 15 years, so I understand what the industry and casting directors want to see in your headshot.

Agents trust me to produce high quality headshots for their talent, including: Apex Talent Group (LA), BMG Talent (Atlanta), BMG Talent (NYC), Brilliant Talent Management (LA), Center Stage Management (NYC), Evolution Talent Agency (Atlanta), Harris Talent (VA), Hutson Talent Agency (VA), Liquid Talent, JTA, Inc. Talent Agency (NC), Manikin Talent (International), Modelogic (VA), Red Willow Talent (Savannah), Screen Artists Talent (NC), Stevenson Modeling Agency, Studio Center (VA), The Brock Agency, 49th Parallel Bookings & Mgmt (DC).

Where do you shoot your headshots?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am currently shooting near my Scott’s Addition studio in Richmond. The neighborhood has a lot of character for a multitude of different looks and environmental vibes. I am not currently shooting studio headshots, but hope to reopen the studio sometime this fall.

What's different about the way you shoot headshots?

From a technical standpoint, my headshots are very different from others in this market. I use a mix of natural outdoor light and an outdoor, portable studio light in my outdoor headshot sessions to ensure even light on your face. It also allows us to do some amazing things you just can’t do with natural light. I also spend a lot of time engaging the actors to draw out amazing expressions based on your character type. It’s a lot of fun! Check out this video to see what a shoot with Jeremy is like.

What do you do in the winter?

Winter shoots are great because the sun is low in the sky and makes for great lighting. Of course, you’ll be wearing more clothes during the winter, and we try to keep you as warm as possible by moving around to different locations. We can also do a split studio and outdoor session in the winter. Ask about that option.

Do you shoot inside or outside?

During the pandemic, I am currently only shooting outdoors.

Where do you typically shoot?

My studio is located in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia. There’s a lot of good headshot environments in the area. If you selected my top packages, we will drive around and find multiple different spots and looks within the area. For the other packages, we will find one area that has a couple different vibes that work very well for headshots.

General Headshot FAQs

What is included in your retouching?

It’s absolutely critical that you look like your headshot when you walk into an audition room. Otherwise, you will have wasted yours and the casting director’s time and will likely not book. So, when it comes to retouching, I take a minimalist approach. In addition to cropping, color and exposure corrections, I will remove any blemishes,lightly soften lines and under the eyes, and clean up hair fly-aways. On request, I will remove scars, freckles, beauty or birth marks. More complex retouching has to be outsourced and will cost an additional fee.

How many photos do you typically shoot, how many will I receive and when will I receive them?

The number of photos we take during the shoot depends on the actor or client and how things progress. In general, I like to give each client about 25-40 great images per look. I am not a rapid-fire shooter, so I don’t just sit there and click away. Nobody needs 300 images that look exactly the same. If I don’t feel we are getting what we need, we’ll keep working. When we are going for specific expressions for your type or goals, we will be very intentional about each shot we capture. There will be a time to capture your personality through conversations and fun banter, and that’s the only time I will take several shots in a row.

Will I receive all the photos we shoot, and do I get the high resolution files without a watermark?

After the shoot, I will cull through and remove any headshots that are unusable (closed eyes, not looking at camera, extreme wind-blown hair, etc.) and will send you your images for review. Most packages include downloadable digital (low) resolution files without the watermark. My top two packages also includes the downloadable print (high) resolution files unedited without the watermark. If you choose a package without the high resolution files, you are welcome to purchase the entire gallery in high resolution at any time for $200. These will be color and exposure corrected but would not have any additional edits.

What's the best time of day for my headshot session?

During the summer months, the best times for your headshot session are earlier in the morning before the heat sets in or in the early evening. I’m an early riser and can start a shoot any time between 8 a.m. – 10 a.m., but don’t recommend starting much later than 10 a.m. due to the heat and humidity. We don’t want you sweating all over your beautiful new headshots. 🙂 Alternatively, the 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. window also offers incredible lighting for your headshots. It really depends on the overall tone you want in your headshots. Shooting near sunset will give your headshots a golden tone, which can be stunning.

Miguel’s shoot was at 9 a.m in the summer.

Lisa’s shoot was at 5:00 the summer.

Ty’s shoot was at sunset.

How should I style my hair?

Your hair should be styled the same way you would wear it to an audition. Headshots should look like you on your best day. The last thing you want is to look like a different person when you show up for an audition.

What's the difference between commercial and theatrical headshots?

Theatrical headshots are more dramatic and emotionally-layered headshots that are great for theatrical, television and film endeavors. These show casting directors and agents who you are as an actor. Commercial headshots are meant to show off your charisma and great smile and are generally targeted more towards the advertising industry or comedy. Commercial headshots tend to be more colorful and bouncier in tone. If you want to brand yourself as a comedian or specifically to comedic roles, you can play with a third type of headshot—the comedic headshot, which suggests your brand of humor.

Why can’t I just use any professional photographer for my headshots?

You can, but if you take yourself seriously as an actor and want to be seen as a professional, you want to get high quality, professional headshots that align with current industry standards. “There are high quality, very professional headshots and then there are lower quality, barely passable headshots. You have to decide which type you want and where you see your career. While it’s true that it’s all subjective, at the end of the day, true professionals and qualified industry people know the difference.” – Amy Jo Berman (Casting VP, HBO)

Why shouldn't kids wear makeup?

Makeup always ages children up and, in this business, the younger you look the better. The bottom line is that a casting director wants to see a child’s natural look. They aren’t interested in glamour shots. A bit of moisturizer and plain Chapstick (not lip gloss) is best.

What’s the best way to evaluate a potential photographer before I shoot headshots with them?

You will want to find a headshot photographer who specializes in acting headshots, not a photographer who can also do headshots. Look at their portfolio. Do they continuously show the same examples, or do they have a strong body of work with consistently high quality specific to actor’s headshots? The technical aspects and composition of the photography is only a small part of being a headshot photographer. More effort should be focused on the actual ‘acting’ or what you bring to the headshot as far as your expressions. As an actor myself, I know the ins and outs of the industry and what casting agents are seeking in headshots, and I know how to draw that out of you. I also spend a lot of time working on your specific look and expressions that will best show you off to agents and casting directors.

Are studio headshots or headshots shot outdoors better?

Outdoor headshots best emulate what you look like on screen, so I always recommended outdoor headshots for TV/Film actors. That said, there seems to be a spike in studio headshots. It would be good to ask your agent or manager what he/she prefers. I am only able to offer outdoors sessions right now, but can recommend a good studio photographer if you prefer to shoot inside.

What type of clothes should I wear?

I get into wardrobe in my prep guide and in one on one consulting before your session. However, it’s good to have a variety of colors that complement your look. Jewel tone colors tend to work really well for commercial headshots. Earth tones for theatrical. For darker roles, don’t underestimate the power of a black t-shirt. T-shirts, V-necks and Henley’s work really well for headshots. Women should also bring clothes with a variety of necklines. Stay away from low cut styles as your headshot will be cropped tight. Stay away from graphics and logos. It’s also good to have at least one business look.

What are you doing differently during the pandemic?

I am only shooting outdoors. When we first meet, I’ll be wearing a mask and we’ll talk through everything. I also use a Lysol wipe to clean all equipment in which you might come into contact. During the shoot, I will lower my mask to better engage with you, but if I am closer than six feet from you (to adjust light or coach you, etc.) the mask goes back up. I am usually about 8 feet away while shooting.