Actor Headshots

You may think the point of a good headshot is to make you look good. That’s part of it — but not the most important part. Ultimately, what’s most important is not how you think you look in your headshot — it’s how the person using it to make a business decision thinks. Likewise, if you’re looking for professional headshots, then you’re probably on a real-world schedule. After we shoot, proofs are delivered within 24 hours. Then, based on which shots we select, final headshots are delivered within 24 to 72 hours. We can shoot on location — indoors or outdoors — or in my studio.

A successful casting director looks at a whole lot of headshots. thousands and thousands. They are the visual resumes of the industry. If you want to build a career as an actor, then your headshot is going to be your calling card, your foot in the door.
And the reality is that having slate shots is more and more of a necessity in the entertainment industry today. Therefore, I also offer these live headshots — professionally lit with crisp, clear audio — that will give casting directors a chance to see your personality and hear your voice.

The first step is ensuring your headshot and slate shots meet basic industry standards. If they don’t, then most casting directors will make a snap judgment as to which pile you end up in (and it’s not the one you want to be in). And having professional slate shots as part of your actor’s access profile is one more way to stand out from the crowd.

There are basic elements about the lighting, background, makeup, and other visual elements that I understand. I’m a professional and provide a professional service.

And … I’m an actor myself and have worked on both sides of the camera. I’m committed to our craft and the world of entertainment and believe in the maxim “a rising tide raises all boats.” So, even if you don’t shoot with me, I hope you’ll check out my free headshot prep guide.

Working with a photographer to create the “look” you’re going to send out into the wild world of casting is like a condensed version of working with a director. It can be intimate and, as an actor, you should feel empowered to find the photographer who you think brings out the best of you.

The art is in capturing your look — your brand — in such a way that casting directors can immediately visualize you in the role they’re seeking to fill. And I understand that part of my role — as your photographer — is to tease out of you that “brand” during a shoot. I won’t just say “smile” and call it a day.

I produce headshots that are on par with what you’ll find in New York or LA. National actors use my services.

My clients have worked in television and film and nationally broadcast commercials. My headshots have been the foot in the door for actors who were cast in TV shows such as House of Cards, TURN, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Swagger, The Good Lord Bird, and the films Harriet, Lizzie, and Wonder Woman 2, just to name a few.

Agents also trust me to produce high quality headshots for their talent, including:

Apex Talent Group (LA), BMG Talent (Atlanta), BMG Talent (NYC), Brilliant Talent Management (LA), Center Stage Management (NYC), Evolution Talent Agency (Atlanta), Harris Talent (VA), Hutson Talent Agency (VA), Liquid Talent, JTA, Inc. Talent Agency (NC), Manikin Talent (International), Modelogic (VA), Red Willow Talent (Savannah), Screen Artists Talent (NC), Stevenson Modeling Agency, Studio Center (VA), The Brock Agency, 49th Parallel Bookings & Mgmt (DC).