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Whether you are an actor or a business professional, or simply want to make your best first impression, you should have a professional headshot. 

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Everyone needs a great headshot!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

No one likes to get in front of the camera for a headshot. We feel vulnerable and insecure when a camera is pointed at our face.

But in today's connected world...

...Where people get to know you before they meet you face to face, a professional headshot is absolutely necessary.


Look the part with a professional headshot

The Process for Your Best Ever Headshot Session

This is your time. We will take as much of it as needed to deliver results that exceed your expectations. This is not a headshot factory.


This prep call via Zoom will give you a chance to meet me and discuss your specific goals to ensure your needs are met. I can also make wardrobe recommendations.


Think of me as your director. I'll be with you every step of the way, coaching you through the session so you look your absolute best.


We will review your images together at the end of your session and I'll be there to help you select the best images for your needs and goals.

Blown away with the quality

John Albert

frequently asked questions ​

A headshot is a tight shot that focuses on your face. The background is usually solid or blurred to maintain that focus on YOU! With my headshots, I’m capturing emotion, whether it’s confidence, approachability or something else. A portrait can be just about anything else. I am able to capture both styles. 

Headshots used to be reserved for actors, models and the c-suite of large companies. In today’s socially-connected world, everyone needs a professional headshot. Whether you want to make a good first impression on LinkedIn or on that Zoom call, or if you need to get professional headshots and portraits for your personal profiles, you need a headshot. So put down that selfie and find a headshot photographer you like.

My studio is located in the Scott’s Addition area of Richmond, Virginia. I generally shoot in the neighborhood or in the studio. However, I also offer on location services for businesses and other large groups and can travel. 

Now that I am vaccinated, I shoot mostly in my studio. However, we do have the option to go outside for some shots if you wish.

Sometimes. If you need headshots in a hurry or don’t see a time that works for you on my calendar, shoot me a text at 757-897-9999 and I’ll see if I can make it work. 

Yes. My studio and headshot sessions are by appointment only.

Yes. I offer these services and can either bring my studio setup with me to capture traditional corporate style headshots or shoot in your environment for a unique look that may align more with your brand. My rates for on location differ based on distance, size of group and specific needs of your group. Please contact me for a quote. If you are in or near Richmond and prefer to come to my Scott’s Addition studio located at 2910 W. Moore Street, we can arrange a group rate for your employees or team. 

There are a lot of commercial photographers who do headshot photography in addition to everything else in their portfolio. They are capable of capturing headshots. However, I’ve studied headshot posing, lighting techniques and direction and only focus on headshots and portraits. I provide extensive but fun coaching so you get the results you want and that make you look great. You will have fun, too! Most importantly, my background is in PR, so your brand is in good hands when you work with me.



My goal is to make your headshot selection process challenging. I’m an actor, PR manager and photographer. My personality is the perfect blend of fun, relaxed and professional. For business executives and other professionals, this means I’m an expert in engaging you to capture your best self to ensure you represent the brand you want to convey. For actors, it means I understand what industry professionals want to see in your headshots and know how to capture headshots that work at a national level. 

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