Nobody likes having their headshots done. We feel our most vulnerable and insecure when we are having pictures taken of us. Jeremy Bustin Photography offers a premium headshot experience that rivals that of some of the best headshot photographers from NY and LA. We do not operate as a headshot machine and limit our sessions to one client per day, with few exceptions. This ensures that we are able to deliver an experience that’s relaxing, fun, unique, creative and helps achieve your specific goals with the highest quality results.

When you first book your session, you will receive a prep guide and lots of information about what to wear and how to prepare, but it’s mostly just things like taking care of your skin. You don’t have to worry about or stress about the actual day. The onus is on us to bring out your very best. The last thing we want is for you to be nervous or anxious about your headshots. When you come to the studio, we will spend some time getting to know you and your goals, so that we capture tons of headshots that speak to who you are. That’s why every headshot session we do is different.

Jeremy is an actor who knows what a great headshot is and what gets you in the door. He is passionate about creating headshots that tell a story and bring out the best in every actor or business professional. He takes pride in every image captured. Emily King Brown is a NYC actress, stylist and hair and makeup star who creates natural looks to make you look your very best and to help you establish a brand you can use for years to come. Jeremy and Emily are creative spirits who work very well together.

Our studio in the Scott’s addition neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia is industrial and comfortable, and invites creativity. It allows clients and their guests to feel relaxed and unhurried. There are dozens of backdrops to choose from, from traditional corporate backdrops to dozens of others including traditional colorful palettes and one-of-a-kind backgrounds designed by a regional award-winning theatre artist. If you prefer to work outside, there’s lots of character in the surrounding neighborhoods and area.

We hope to see you soon.

Jeremy and Emily


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